High Performance Linux

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Article In Linux Journal

April issue of Linux Journal (issue #228, High Performance Computing) has arrived. My article "Lock-Free Multi-Producer Multi-Consumer Queue on Ring Buffer" is at page 104 and referred as "How to Scale the Work Queue in a Multicore Environment" on the cover.

The article describes lock-free work queue which is already working in production environments on two of our clients. This queue significantly improves performance on multi-core system. I got 3.7 times better results for synthetic tests in comparison with naive queue implementation on 16-core Xeon machine. One of the projects, where the queue is integrated, got about 35% performance improvement after replacement double-linked queue protected with spin lock by the lock-free queue.

You can find the source of the queue with performance and correctness tests here.

UPD. Also you can read it on-line at Linux Journal site.